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Our expertise comes from the experiences and prior work of our team. We understand social media and the nature of interactions with average users. Once you crack what visuals and messaging converts your ideal demographics into followers, it’s just a matter of time as to when they become paying customers. 
It’s not rocket science, but does require a little analytical and psychological know-how. Add a dash of hard and consistent work and you have a formula for Instagram success.
Ursa South is the direct result of my experience as a product entrepreneur in LA’s Silicon Beach. My first startup, Bear State Coffee, exploded onto the scene in no small part due to Instagram.  My mission and goal with all my Ursa clients is to replicate Bear State’s success with community building and sales via Instagram.
-Arvind Murthy
Founder, Ursa South

Start with a product that people ‘want to want’

When I founded my product startup in 2013, I created a product that I wanted to want. I basically made a fancy coffee company for myself and my friends who were equally as obsessed with coffee as I was. After the tedious work of sourcing the right beans, creating the perfect branding and the sexy packaging to go with it all, we had an actual brand. I spent (along with the help of friends and advisors!) countless hours working so hard on my business that when it came time to ‘launch’ and ‘pre launch’ I was totally lost. My energy and efforts had been in actually creating, not hyping or storytelling.

I quickly shifted gears from being a product entrepreneur to a growth hacker and marketer. I wanted to be as time and resource efficient as possible and settled on a nascent visual platform called Instagram to promote my company and build a community of fans and followers. As I got sucked into Instagram I quickly recognized its potential to be a robust element in my product funnel and embraced the platform and its potential wholeheartedly. I also realized that I had become a full time Instagram manager and content creator for my brand and had little time for anything else. Not ideal.

Bear State Coffee was founded in 2013 and its Instagram account account grew from 200 friends and family to almost 30k at its peak in 2016.

Bear State Coffee was founded in 2013 and its Instagram account account grew from 200 friends and family to almost 30k at its peak in 2016.

Create a content and outbound engagement strategy that gets attention

Eventually my startup got to a point where we built up a robust follower base of over 25k engaged Instagram users. My mantra was to create and curate content that made people want to have a cup of coffee. The feed’s visuals did just that, while our messaging guided those users to our site to actually act on that urge. More often than not, it worked and proved to be a tremendous success.  

Success on Instagram in fact would come in multiple facets aside from sales. The account got so prolific that it attracted the attention of the press which had nothing but glowing reviews of our coffee and more often than not also mentioned how pretty our Insta was. We also managed to attract the eyes of a few Silicon Valley venture capitalists who were impressed with the brand that my team and I were able to create. 

Long story short: If you have a brand you’re looking to elevate or a product that you believe can sell, but just need the extra social media traction, my team and I can help.


So here’s the biggest secret to selling on Instagram: don’t sell.

The sales pipeline methodology that my team and I have developed at Ursa is based around community building and creating a sense of familiarity with your product for your followers. Having more will obviously help (statistics, duh!). The visuals we select are designed to convey credibility to followers and also keep them invested in your account. On the messaging and engagement side, we craft messages that take already invested followers to that next level of being a customer. 

Once the sale is made, our work is certainly not done. We strive to foster post-purchase interactions such as unboxings or user-generated product posts which only strengthen the interact>follow>buy>interact cycle even more!

At the end of the day, we’re in the community building business since that’s the business that will help yours!

The community that Instagram built!

The community that Instagram built!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Ursa sounds great, but how much is this going to cost me?

Our engagement prices vary depending on your goals and service needs. Typical monthly service fees for our human growth service start at approximately $3,500/mo and can increase if you’d like content creation.

Are there any contracts?

All of our engagements are quarter to quarter with an option to be charged monthly. We charge no setup or termination fee.

Getting Started

How long does it take to get up and running with Ursa?

We recommend you allow 2-3 weeks from your initial contact with us to when we start working on your account. This may seem like a long time, but our team will spend a significant portion of their pre-engagement time trying to understand your demographics, your place in the world of Instagram and how your account is positioned vis-à-vis your competitors.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your account, your Instagram Wizard and Account Manager will craft a winning content and growth plan.

Does Ursa need my login credentials?

Yes. We employ a multi-layered security policy to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your account.

Good To Know

Is Ursa really 100% human?

Yup. Every aspect of the service is done by a person - absolutely no automations, API calls or ‘bots’.

Can I do just human growth and no content (and vice versa)?