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Ursa South is an Instagram growth and content agency that drives traffic and engagement.

Our team is made up of professional social media managers, storytellers, e-commerce veterans, data scientists and creative professionals who have helped ideate, iterate, create and execute countless social media campaigns. We believe that success on Instagram (and any social media platform) is built on 100% organic and 100% real human interaction.

Ursa delivers instagram bliss for brands

Content Generation

Ursa’s team of social media strategists and content creators can craft a ground-up campaign of original content for your brand.

We curate feeds that convey an aesthetic that keeps your product/brand front and center with your follower base.


Our team is constantly uncovering and refining your demographics on Instagram to maintain a steady stream of fresh views on your content.

We build real, meaningful connections with your followers to build a community centered around your brand.


No more worrying about when or what to post. Your team at Ursa will plan a content calendar that is designed to win followers and convert them into brand advocates.

Your Ursa team can also handle post interactions and comments.

Any Niche, Any Brand


Ursa has helped dealerships, OEMs and the aftermarket craft winning stories as well as engage with the right demographics. We shine at converting the right followers.

At the end of the day followers are great, but paying customers are always more preferable.

New Ventures

Our specialty! We’ve helped startups in the consumer goods and product space as well as various apps and software platforms grow their community on Instagram.

Running a startup is hard work. We’re here to make it a little easier.

Mid-size and Enterprise

Ursa offers solutions that allow businesses to creatively grow on Instagram while maintaining very strict branding and messaging requirements.

Our team can complement your team, or work as a completely outsourced solution.

The Ursa Edge

How we grow great brands:

Grow a community

Targeted Engagement & Growth

The first step to growing your Instagram is to work backwards. Together, we’ll work to reverse engineer who your audience is and uncover what makes them tick.

Once we have an understanding of your demographics, we’ll start the heavy lifting of creating a hit list of potential users to interact with (like, meaningful comments, comment likes, even DM’s) and carry on real conversations.

Every interaction leads to more awareness of your brand and feed.

Goal: Identify, attract and interact with the right demographics for your profile.

Action: Leverage Ursa’s demographic mapping strategies to find the right users, interact with them in a meaningful way and sustain those conversations around your feed/brand/product.

Results: Real and engaged followers who care about your brand and click on the links to buy.

Assets: Account Principal, Account Manager, Instagram Wizard


keep them coming back

Content that Builds Community

Content is the key to building a brand that resonates. The Ursa method to growing an Instagram account’s following and community relies on compelling content - content that sings and leaves a lasting impression on followers and visitors alike.

Our team has the ability to offer content services as basic as putting together curated content calendars to more in depth engagements which require photographers, models and post-production.

Goal: Tell a visual story that evokes conversations and product questions. Display visuals that carry the brand and product forward.

Action: Ursa’s content team takes a look at your ideal audiences/customers to understand which visuals speak to them. We’ll work within your budget to create a monthly content calendar that shines.

Results: A static Instagram feed that does your brand justice and conveys credibility to the outside world.

Your Ursa Assets: Account Manager, Content Manager

Optional Content Team Assets: Magazine Quality Photographers and Producers, Commercial Level Videographers and Storytellers, Brand Stylists

The Key to Insta Success


Ursa can manage both the engagement and content as a package, or either service individually.

Do you have a handle on content and just need a committed manager and team who can help grow your account? We can do that.

Feeling pretty hands on, but just need someone to ease the burden of regular posting? We got your back.

Need an almost complete Instagram solution? This is where we shine.

Our content and engagement team have experience in almost all niches across the world of Instagram!

Our content and engagement team have experience in almost all niches across the world of Instagram!


Together, we can do great things

You focus on the business, we’ll do Instagram.


Step 1: We get to know each other

The foundation to any successful and long-lasting relationship is open communication, especially when it comes to a consensus on expectations, benchmarks and goals. Your first interaction with Ursa will be a 30 to 60 minute long consultation call where we get to know each other. This is a zero pressure consultation call, with the goal serving as a mutual screening too.

Our mission is to understand your goals, user/customer demographics, current acquisition funnel and content aesthetic. Your mission is to make sure we’re up to snuff.

Step 2: The Ursa demographic deep dive

Before we even jump into interacting with your future followers and fans on Instagram, we need to know just who they are. We’ll spend close to 30 man hours conducting a demographic ‘deep dive’ which includes breaking down similar accounts, trending hashtags in your category, geographic landmarks and key phrases that give our team the demographic fingerprints of your followers.

Once we have an understanding of who we want to target, we create a initial hit list of a few thousand potential new followers that our team will interact with.

Our goal is to understand what subset of your ideal audience actually interacts with you since that’s the group of people we’d ideally go after.



Step 2 (Optional): Our team puts together a content plan

Almost 70% of our clients opt to have Ursa create their content calendar in addition to managing their account’s interaction.

If you have a newer account, we can work with you to create an Instagram brand aesthetic that falls within your brand’s guidelines while also maximizing its attractiveness to all subsets of your potential follower base.

Ursa has a content creation and management option for every budget - we can arrange editorial quality photoshoots, secure exclusive licensed content or curate existing great content that enhances your brand’s feed.


Step 3: Engage and Grow

Here’s the bread and butter of Ursa South. Once we have your demographics and optional content ready to go, your Instagram Wizards go to work interacting with the world that matters to you.

Think of your Ursa Instagram Wizard as your very own highly trained social media intern. Your Instagram Wizard will spend time performing interactions with your ideal audience. These interactions such as commenting on posts and stories and liking comments and content are geared to get the attention of potential followers.

All of these interactions are done by your dedicated Instagram Wizard, not a bot or algorithm. We believe that the human touch is a significant game changer.

If Ursa is also managing your content, we’ll post it at intervals that will maximize engagement and optimize for potential conversations around your content.

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